What is your hair loss condition?

At Charle a Hair Studio we design beautiful, natural, comfortable, hair replacement units for all types of hair loss. Only the very highest quality of human hair is used. Your specific needs will be addressed according to the type and degree of hair loss you are experiencing. The cap of the unit is custom made to fit your head, no one else’s…so you have the highest level of comfort and security while wearing your hairpiece. The color, texture, and length of the hair are all designed to match your specific desires. Click here to view our photo gallery!

Some facts about hair loss: Chances are, if you have seen a dermatologist regarding your hair loss, you are probably familiar with one or more of these terms… Alopecia is the medical name for hair loss, and there are many variations. Androgenetic Alopecia, or hereditary thinning, is the most common type. This condition, often referred to as “male or female pattern baldness,” is characterized by diffused thinning of scalp hair. Oftentimes, more pronounced thinning occurs on the top of the head and the crown. While it is more typical to see men walking around with this condition, millions of women actually suffer from it as well. In fact, The American Academy of Dermatology, reports that 40% of women in the US have visible hair loss by age 40. Sadly, in our society, it isn’t easy for a woman to walk around with her head held high, if her hair is falling out. Hair loss can be absolutely devastating for the psychological well being of female sufferers, in particular. Unfortunately, the medical community has yet to come up with any truly effective forms of treatment.

Just wanted to remind you how grateful I am for meeting you. Before I met you it was so awkward talking to hair professionals about my “hair”! It is such a relief to know I can visit with you and successfully communicate what I want to do with my hair.


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