Q. What type of hair loss issues do your solutions address?

A. There are many different types of hair loss; alopecia, hereditary thinning, trichotillomania, chemotherapy, to name a few. We deal with all of them.

Q. How long will my hair replacement take to receive?

A. Our pieces can take anywhere from a few days, to 3-6 months to receive. This time frame depends on the type of unit, and then varies with each client’s custom design (i.e., color, length, etc).

Q. How long do they usually last?

A. We expect approximately 2 years of wear out of each unit- some of the custom made units, with good care, can last even longer.

Q. Do you use human or synthetic hair?

A. We use only the highest quality human hair.

Q. Can you match my hair color?

A. The type of hair used to make your unit is specifically selected and blended to best match your own color and texture.

Q. Can you use typical hair care products and styling tools?

A. You shampoo, condition, and style it the same way you would your natural hair, except its not on your head @ the time and you only need to wash it once a week at most. The units can be blow-dried, curl ironed, flat ironed (gently, so as not to burn the hair) in the style you desire.

Q. Can I sleep in it?

A. We suggest that you don’t sleep in your new unit. It’s best to keep an old or back up one to sleep, because rolling on it is hard on the hair and tends to tangle it.

Q. Can I swim in it?

A. Just as with sleeping, we suggest that an older piece is used for swimming, as chlorine and salt water are very hard on the hair. We have many clients that keep one as their activity piece and one as their day-to-day piece.

Q. Will my medical insurance cover the cost?

A. Some insurance companies will cover either all or most of the cost- although many won’t. Your insurance company can tell you what their policy is on “Full Cranial Prosthesis” coverage.

Q. How does the hairpiece attach to my head?

A. For integration or any of our breathable soft base units, comb clips or a small piece of double-sided adhesive are used. For our “vacuum fit” the head is molded to produce a custom fitted cap, no comb clips or adhesive are necessary.