Price List

*The following prices are for hairpieces only. These are base level prices. Styling charges, which include haircut and blow dry of the hairpiece, are not included in the following list. Styling charges are quoted during consultation.

CEO Units w/ Processed Indian Hair: *start at $2,200

The choice for clients going through chemotherapy, who need their hairpiece quickly. This is the only type of unit that can be delivered within a week or less. They come in 7 different color blends and four different cap sizes. As with everything we carry, The CEO is made from 100% human hair.

Integration Systems w/ Processed Indian Hair: *start at $2,300

Integration Systems w/ European Hair: *start at $2,700

The Integration Systems are designed particularly for women with Androgenic Alopecia. Custom made with windows according to the amount of hair needed specific to each client. Clients pull their own hair through the large openings (windows) which is quick and easy and undetectably natural looking.

Skin Unit: *start at $2,900

A full cranial hairpiece that is made with a thin, light, skin like base.

Dizhen Design: *start at $3,600

A full cranial hairpiece. Has a breathable base and most natural looking scalp second to that of the silicone units. Also has the benefit of being lighter in weight than the Trumble Design and the Full Silicone Vacuum.

Trumble Design: *start at $3,700

A full cranial combination silicone top with breathable fine-mono base. The silicone top area of the base provides the most natural looking scalp, identical to that of an actual human scalp. The fine mono gives it breathability and coolness that a full silicone or “vacuum” unit cannot provide.

Full Silicone Vacuum: *start at $3,800

A full cranial hairpiece that offers full suction fit to wearers with no hair. Since the base of this unit is silicone it, like the Vacuum and Trumble Design, has the most natural looking scalp available.