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Silicone Vacuum
Made by taking a mold of clients head for a perfect “vacuum” fit. Best suited for people with no hair to attain vacuum fit. Has the most natural looking scalp. The cap is made from extremely smooth, non-irritating, silicone material, that feels and looks like "second skin".

Trumble Design
Designed to look as natural as a Vacuum hairpiece, but breathable for a cooler and more comfortable fit. Great for hot summer days! This unit is made with a Silicone Top Panel to capture the natural scalp that a vacuum unit offers, with the addition of a breathable monofilament interior.

Breathable Custom Hairpiece
A Lightwieght unit, usually made of a combination of monofilament and mesh for overall breathability. This type of unit can also be thoroughly custom designed to best fit our clients needs.

This is our biggest seller for clients that can’t wait months for a custom unit. Made from the highest quality processved Indian hair. The CEO comes in 4 different cap sizes and 7 color blends, to make this unit a good fit for most every woman or child.

Integration Hairpieces
For women with Androgenetic Alopecia/Female Hereditary Thinning, the state of the art hair replacement is an integration hairpiece. The wearer supplements their own hair by integrating it with a custom hairpiece which looks and acts like their own.

Charle recommends that women with hereditary thinning avoid the clip-on type of extensions. Touted as a "quick fix" for thin hair, this type of add-on piece can actually cause "traction alopecia" which could result in permanent hair loss in some areas of the scalp.

Skin-Type Hairpiece
This is the newest addition to our line of products. It is made of a thin, lightweight, skin-like material, with the most natural looking hairline on the market today.

Prices Range As Follows:
For a complete price list and consultation, please call us at (888) 680-HAIR to schedule an appointment.

CEO Hairpieces $1,800
Soft-base Hairpieces start at $1,900
Integration Hairpieces start at $1,900
Vacuum Hairpieces start at $3,800
Trumble Design (breathable vacuum type) start at $3,600
Men's Partials start at $1,800

Please give us a call at 888-680-4247 with any questions

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